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The Alkaline Recipe System Makes It SO EASY to Get to the Vitality, Energy and Body of Your Dreams:
  • Makes Alkaline Living Delicious & Easy: Get over 125 delicious, quick & easy alkaline recipes for every mealtime
  • Shopping & Chopping Aside, It's All Done For You: with the menus & shopping lists. Pick the menu for your goal, buy the foods on the shopping list, follow the menu and get the result. 
  • Every Meal Takes Less than 20-Mins to Prepare: other cookbooks are full of unrealistic meals that take forever to prepare. These recipes are quick, easy & fit with your busy life.
  • No More Feeling Like You’re ‘On a Diet’:  even if you only do it 50%, you will still get massive results. There is no pressure to give anything up, no cravings, no stress and no restrictions.
  • Be in Total Control: with the abundance of nutrients you get from every meals, it puts you in complete control.  You can chose to simply eat when you want and stop when you feel full. 
  • Vegan-Friendly, Gluten-Free & Paleo Adaptable: every meal is vegan-friendly, gluten-free and easy to add high-quality meats to, if you want to make them Paleo too!
  • Only Simple Ingredients: you will only find simple ingredients, simple equipment and no-fuss preparation. I’m not interested in creating Michelin-star masterpieces. I create real-world, practical, nourishing recipes to get you to your goals with the minimum amount of time and energy required.  
Follow Your Goal-Based, Alkaline Menus Just 60% of the Time For Seven Days to Look & Feel AMAZING!
Knowing how powerful it can be when you eat alkaline just 60-70% of the time, and for just seven days, your Alkaline Recipe System contains a series of seven week-long menu plans for you to follow with recipes from the Alkaline Diet Recipe Book Vol. 2 PLUS itemized shopping lists for each menu…

This is literally the guarantee you will reach your goals and I've carefully created menu plans for the specific goals of: weight loss, candida, fatigue, skin health, libido, reflux, digestion & inflammation...

If you have any of these goals, you can simply follow the menu and get the result you've always wanted on autopilot!
Here’s what just a few of my clients have said about following my Alkaline Recipe System:
This Combination of Recipes + Menus + Shopping Lists Makes it SO Easy...
Shopping & Chopping Aside, It's All Been Done For You...!
I know you're probably busy. 

You’ve got a lot of stuff to do…

And not a lot of time to do it in. 

The last thing you want to do is figure out “what to make for dinner”, AGAIN...especially after a long, tiring day.

So with this Alkaline Recipe System (including the Recipe Book + Menu Plan package) I've practically taken care of everything. 

Except for shopping and chopping - it's all been done for you!
All While Enjoying Delicious Recipes Just Like These...
And That's Not All! For Less Than the Cost of an Unhealthy Take-Away...You Will Also Receive:
Here’s a few more reviews from my clients who have followed the Alkaline Recipe System:
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   + The Alkaline Eating Out Masterclass, which is normally $39.99...

   + The Desserts Recipe Book which is normally $19.99...

   + The Alkaline Swap This for That Guide which is normally $29.99...
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Step 1: Decide which goal you want to achieve first with your health

Step 2: Download the menu plan for your goal, and the itemized shopping list

Step 3: Plan a trip to your local grocery store to buy the foods on the shopping list 

Step 4: Get ready to start the menu that will guarantee your goal either tomorrow or a day of the week that works for you (but don't put it off!)

Step 5: Buy the foods, follow the menu and get to your #1 health goal!

Then, if you’d like to keep the Recipe Book and your menus – simply do nothing.  

If you decide for whatever reason the Alkaline Recipe System is not for you – no problem! 

Simply send me an email to let me know - we’ll cancel your order, and we'll arrange your refund. (I won’t be offended, and we’ll still remain friends I promise!)

But whatever you do, don’t put this off till tomorrow.

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Regular Price: $189.99
Limited-Time Special Price: $29.99
Regular Price: $189.99
Limited-Time Special Price: $29.99
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p.s. Remember, getting this entire alkaline eating system - the recipes, menus, shopping lists and more and getting all of those scientifically proven benefits costs less than a meal out or an unhealthy takeaway for is extremely rare that you get, literally, the solution to get you alkaline and on track for under $100, let alone under $40!  

P.S.S. Remember, you have a full 60-day trial period to put the meals in the Alkaline Diet Recipe Book 2 to work for you! Put these meals to the test and you’ll see and feel the difference almost immediately. With today’s special discount and “no questions asked” Money Back Guarantee there's NO WAY you can lose...
Regular Price: $189.99
Limited-Time Special Price: $29.99
Still Have Questions? These Answers Should Help…

Q. Is this compatible with my smartphone/tablet?

Yes, absolutely, you can download the ebooks and menus and view them on any mobile device, as well as your computer/laptop.

Q. What makes this cookbook any different from all the rest?

This is a specifically alkaline cookbook that has been created as the outcome of my 11 years of experience of producing recipes, trialling them, testing them, tweaking them and improving them. It’s not a ‘general’ healthy cookbook - it’s a specifically alkaline cookbook. There are no ingredients used in this book that you need to worry about…

HOWEVER, and this is important to note - it is a hugely practical cookbook. I am not a chef, I am busy, I have a family, I am as time-poor as the next person and so I always create recipes with this in mind - they have to be quick, easy to make, delicious enough for the whole family to enjoy and simple to cook and shop for. There are no weird or specialised ingredients in here, and no recipes that are 34-steps and that take 3 hours! 

Q. Will I need special equipment or ingredients?

No, just regular ingredients you’ll find at any supermarket or grocery store, and as long as you have knives, a chopping board, an oven, pots and pans you’ll be just fine!

Q. Can I still enjoy treats and meals out?

Absolutely, this is the cornerstone to everything I teach about getting alkaline and staying alkaline for life. When you’re eating these nourishing meals from the recipe book you will be able to afford yourself some treats, cheat meals and meals out without having to worry about it - all of your nutritional needs will already be taken care of!

Q. Can I still eat meat too?

Yes, definitely. You can add meat to any of the recipes as needed. I recommend keeping your meat budget the same and buying the highest quality you can though, even if this means a smaller portion.

Q. Will these recipes fit into my paleo/raw/vegan, etc… lifestyle?

All of the recipes are vegan-friendly, and you can adapt them if you are not vegan very easily. The same goes with the Paleo approach. The only thing missing from these recipes for the Paleo folks is the meat which you can easily add.

Q. Are these recipes suitable for the entire family?

Definitely, they have been tried and tested on my family, my extended family and many of my friends and there have never been any complaints! Plus one of the best pieces of feedback I get from my private clients is that they are so shocked that their husband/wife/kids totally get on board with these recipes too.

Q. What if I’m allergic to dairy, gluten, soy, or eggs?

There is no gluten, dairy, soy or eggs on the alkaline diet and so none are in these recipes.

Q. Is this suitable for a non-cook?

Definitely. The recipes are designed for real people, living in the real world - just like me!
Regular Price: $189.99
Limited-Time Special Price: $29.99
Regular Price: $189.99
Limited-Time Special Price: $29.99
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