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Cali Marsh
Member #173

"Being in this group has helped to change my life! Every aspect of my well-being has been influenced by the amazing advice, and support that the Alkaline Base Camp offers. The support via the community is fabulous. I have discovered a whole new way of life and found friends for life too."
Right Now, Think About ANY Challenge You’re Having With Your Health & Body…
Now imagine, instead of trying the same old approach, alone, or searching the internet, magazines, books for another new answer…

Or being stuck with an unsupportive partner or friends as your only source of encouragement…

Think about what you would normally do when those cravings hit…what would you normally do?

Or when you slip up and give yourself a hard time…

Or when you’ve got a burning health question you need an answer to right away…

Or what you should eat when you go out to a particular restaurant or party…

Or when you’ve been slack with your diet for way too long and you need to get a big kick up the backside!

Imagine that instead of going it alone and hoping for the best…

Instead, you take 60 seconds to post a message in a group…

And within minutes you start getting actionable feedback, support, suggestions, recipes, inspiration, ideas perspectives and know-how from friends, people who have been there and done it and are on the same journey as you…

People who know exactly what to recommend…

People who GET it…

(Including me)

How much more likely are you to be able to stick to and thrive on your new healthy lifestyle?

What would this mean to you?  

To have a community of wonderful, supportive, smart people behind you every step of the way to help you through the tough times, and there to celebrate your wins…

And there to answer any questions you have along the way within minutes…

This is exactly what you get when you become a member of the Alkaline Base Camp SO much more...

Beatrice Captan
Member #113

"I have to say....this is life changing...I'm blown away. I have been through so much struggle with my body and I honestly didn't have any hope until this. This Membership is the reason I am so excited."
Get Exclusive Access to Coaching from Me, Expert Interviews, Exclusive Masterclass Training Videos, Monthly Menus, Recipes & More...
This is what you get as a member of the Alkaline Base Camp community:
Expert Interviews Every Month (and the back-catalogue)
Every month I interview a World-leading expert and grill them on their very best strategies, tips and implementable actions to get big results.  

People like Jon Gabriel (the Gabriel Method), Ocean Robbins (Food Revolution Network & Summit), James Colquhuorn (Food Matters, Hungry for Change & FMTV), JB Glossinger (Morning Coach), John Gallagher (Learning Herbs) and so many more…
Access to ME When You Need Me!
I can tell you (and the other members can vouch) that I am in the community, answering questions every single day.

The only other people that have anything like that level of access to me are my very, very small number of coaching clients, who have paid up to $1,000 per month to work that closely with me.

This group is my passion and I love being a part of it more than any other part of the work that I do. It is absolutely awesome, and it is awesome because of the people in the group!
Video Recipes & Exclusive Members-Only Training
You’ll also get frequent video recipes and exclusive video training from me, especially now I’ve moved into my (FINALLY) renovated house with the specifically designed kitchen for shooting wonderful recipe videos for you!

In these exclusive videos you’ll find me much more informal and giving the nuggets of information almost in real-time as I think through new ideas, concepts, strategies and more…

Think of it as being the closest thing to me giving you a call and saying “let’s go grab a juice, I’ve got an idea I want to share with you!”

Deep Dive Training Each Month on Reaching Specific Goals &
Overcoming Hurdles
Plus, each month on our monthly training webinars (which are all recorded and archived for you to go back and reference any time) we go deep on the topics that YOU tell me you want to know more about!

Each of these deep dive trainings is like a $97 product in it’s own right…

Topics include: how to lose weight with the alkaline diet, how to fight inflammation, why you should get gluten out of your life, how to wake up energised and overcome morning fatigue, travelling on the alkaline diet and so much more!

A Vibrant Community of Like-Minded People Ready to Answer Your Questions and Support You on Your Way to Your Best Ever Health
The community is where the most value is in the Alkaline Base Camp. You will get daily, practical help with any question - just post it to the group and you’ll have a bunch of helpful responses within seconds. 

 Plus you’ll have that critically important accountability and support from the awesome collective of alkalisers!
With Your Alkaline Base Camp 
Membership, you'll get:
The Alkaline Recipe Club Will Keep You Alkaline for Life Easily & Enjoyably
Just $47 per Month - No Contract & No Fine Print - You Can Cancel Any Time
FIVE Ways the Community Will Support You As Soon as You Join:
1. Feedback on Your Health Questions & Issues
Get real-time, actionable ideas and feedback on your biggest questions and challenges you’re facing with your health and diet…

I guarantee that you will get responses to any questions you post within a few hours, and usually within a matter of minutes.  

And most importantly, the feedback and support you will get will be from members who are actually experienced and have “been there, done that”.

This eliminates so much trial and error to save you time AND money.

When you join the Alkaline Base Camp you will get on-demand expert advice from me, and the community when you need it most.

2. Connect with Likeminded People 
Connect with Likeminded, Welcoming, Supportive People Who are Just Like You!

Going on a health journey can be a lonely experience, especially when you don’t have the support of those at home, and especially if roll their eyes when you want to talk about it!

But it doesn’t have to be lonely.

The Alkaline Base Camp is a community of like-minded, healthy, friendly, smart people who are striving for the same thing as you - to have incredible health, energy and vitality.

The sense of community that has been fostered within the group is incredible, and most people, when they first introduce themselves in the private group are blown away by the warmth and friendliness that comes their way.

It’s an instant support group that’s got your back, and is here for you whenever needed, no matter if that’s once a month, once a week or even once an hour!

Frankly, it’s the most wonderful group, and hands down one of the things I am most proud of in my life.
3. Fast-Track to Your Health Goals
Keep yourself accountable and get bigger and better results than ever.

How many times have you said “I’ll start tomorrow”, or have had a bad day and just thought, “Oh, I’ll try and be healthy again next week” or “After my holiday” or “Insert excuse here :-)”

That's about to change for you!

When you join me and other members we will be here to keep you accountable, and will help pick you up if you need motivation and will be here to celebrate all of your wins, no matter how big or small.
It’s amazing how many times people have posted “Thanks to this group I kept on going”…

In the Alkaline Base Camp community, its all about helping you get results.

4. Access to ME!
Get Daily Access to Me to Support You Personally to Your Health Goals!

I am in the community practically every day answering questions, providing feedback, giving out ideas and tips, and having fun!

Plus, every month you can be a part of our small-group Q&A calls, where you get the chance to get on the phone with me personally and ask me your biggest questions!

Normally this type of access to me costs thousands, but I make it all available to my Base Camp members!
5. Proven Health Strategies from Experts
Get Real World Support on How to Make it Happen in YOUR Life - Real, Nitty Gritty, On the Ground Strategies - Not Glossy TV & Magazine Suggestions - REAL LIFE STRATEGY!

Are you sick and tired of seeing fluffy, unrealistic ‘advice’ on how to live healthy on TV shows and in magazines - advice from people who really have an ulterior motive, or suggestions that are never going to really work in the real world?

Me too.

What we all need is real-life, actionable strategies from people with kids, busy jobs, school runs to do, shopping on a budget, parties to navigate, holidays to slim down for, active sports to stay in shape for - the real world.

‘How to Juice Yourself Slim’ is fine for the mags and TV shows, but that’s not what the Alkaline Base Camp is all about.

We’re all about the real world tips and strategies. Recent discussions in the group have led to solutions such as:

- how to pre-prepare your alkaline smoothies, so that they stay good for work the next day, saving you hours a week in the kitchen… 

- which veggies can you sneak into a soup so that your kids or hubby/wife will eat it without noticing

- how you can modify your husband or wife’s favourite meal to be more alkaline for you, without having to cook a separate meal from scratch so you can stay alkaline.

- what to do when you’ve got a dinner out at an Italian restaurant so you can stay alkaline ‘under the radar’ because you don’t want everyone to make a big deal or notice you’re eating differently…

These are all actual examples that have been discussed and solved in the community in the past few weeks.

It’s realistic, down-to-earth, how-to-stay-alkaline-and-get-to-your-goals-in-the-real-world-stuff!
Get Started Today
To truly understand how powerful the Alkaline Base Camp is, to understand the depth of the support and caring in the group, to realise the immediate and direct benefits it will have on your health, you really have to see it for yourself.

Remember - you can cancel any time and get a full refund on the entire month you're in (even if it's the 29th)...
No Contract & No Fine Print - You Can Cancel Any Time
Your Questions About the Alkaline Base Camp Answered:
What Happens When I Buy Access to the Alkaline Base Camp?
You will immediately receive an email from me (Ross) which explains exactly how to get access to the private group and your username/password to jump straight in. You'll also get the recording of the latest Q&A call and the information about the next call. PLUS, you'll get direct access to me right away to make sure you're all set up and ready to roll.

This answers my question, give me access now
Am I Locked Into a Contract?
Absolutely not. You can literally cancel at any time and you'll be refunded for your current month, plus have access until the last day of the month.  

This answers my question, give me access now
What Happens At The End of The 30 Day Trial?
If you decide to continue, you will be automatically enrolled for $19.99/month.

On the other hand, If for whatever reasons you decide it’s not for you, just send an email to and we will stop your subscription and you won’t be billed, no questions asked.

That answers my question, give me access now
In Short, What Do I Get When I Sign Up?
Here is what you get when you sign up today:

   + Real-time actionable feedback on your most pressing alkaline diet & health challenges
   + Monthly new menus, recipes & shopping lists with your free access to the Alkaline Recipe Club
   + Connect & get real-time support from the hundreds of likeminded people from all over the world
   + Exclusive video training, in-depth masterclasses, video recipes and more
   + Access to Expert Interviews with folks like Jon Gabriel (Gabriel Method), James Colquohorn (FMTV), John Gallagher (Learning Herbs) & more
   + LIVE Q&A calls with me (Ross) every month where you can get on the phone with me 1-on-1 and get personal support with YOUR question
   + Full access to all of my archived guest expert webinars & Q&A calls and posts covering everything under the sun.
That answers my question, give me access now
100% No-Risk Trial
You can cancel any time - there are no lock in contracts at all - and when you cancel you get the entire current month refunded to you - even if it's the 29th! 

This removes all of the risk for you.

And it is absolutely no hassle to cancel if you decide it's simply not for you. If for whatever reason you decide you don't want to continue, you just shoot us a quick email (it can be blank with 'Cancel Base Camp' as the subject) - no reason needed - and you won't be billed.  

You can even just send us a private message through Facebook.

I am so confident that once you've joined and become a part of the community you will want to continue.
No Contract & No Fine Print - You Can Cancel Any Time
If you want to finally get to that health goal, whether that's to lose weight, gain weight, get more energy or get past a health challenge and start living with vitality - I am confident that the Alkaline Base Camp could be just what you're looking for.

I can't wait to meet you in the group!

Stay energized,
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